Rotary Tube Dryer

The Rotary Tube Dryer is ideal for drying of granules, powders or cakes. In particular when constant product quality and all-year-round availability are the highest priorities. There is no contact between the product in the drum and the heating medium in the tubes. This heating principle results in one of the highest thermal energy efficiencies achievable.

The heating system of a rotary tube dryer is a closed circuit. The heating medium can be either steam, hot water or thermal oil. After transferring its energy to the product, the heating medium flows back to the boiler via a separate circuit. While traveling through the slowly revolving drum, the product flows freely around the heated tubes. This results in perfectly uniform drying to the required end moisture.

With this technology the entire drum revolves. That means that typical problems such as condensation, cold / hot spots, or dead zones where bacteria can hold up are non-existent. Also the accumulation of particles and over-drying or burning of product are prevented with this technology. The machine delivers a constantly uniform product quality.

Ingetecsa’s Rotary Tube Dryer is a worry free solution. Tougher than tough, the design ensures a lifetime hassle free operation. Easy access in and around the machine improves inspection and maintainability. Drying at high temperature or under vacuum are possible. The range starts from 50 m² all the way up to giants of 1500 m² in a single machine.

Ingetecsa Rotary Drum Dryer, in the workshop

Other drying technologies

  For applications where the product would benefit from high shear forces, a vacuum or a lower throughput, consider the Paddle Dryer.

  When the product temperature needs to be lower, you may consider vacuum technology or air drying technology. Typical air dryers are the Spiral Flash Dryer, the Fluidised Bed Dryer or the conventional Flash Dryer. In these technologies, product temperatures are commonly around 45-50°C for the majority of applications.

  The Plate Dryer is likely the better choice for brittle products. The product is moved gently across a heated plate without any exposure to shear forces.

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Ingetecsa Rotary Drum Dryer, discharge side

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  • Constant uniform product quality
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Very high availability, low risk of breakdown


  • Bulk flow products
  • Erosive and corrosive products
  • Processes that require maximum availability and reliability


  • Minerals
  • Chemicals
  • Food