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Ingetecsa is a worldwide operating engineering company. Our headquarters are in Barcelona, Spain. From the very beginning, we have specialised in industrial drying and cooling solutions for the food, mineral and chemical industries.


Our company started in 1966 as a sales office and quickly expanded with a technical office and a local production network. The German founders decided to establish their headquarters in the energetic city of Barcelona. The aim was to combine German quality design and workmanship with inspirational entrepreneurship. Today, after more than 50 years of experience and innovation, we have grown into a highly expert and flexible engineering company. Even today, our dedicated focus remains on how we can help you with your specific drying or cooling process.

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Ingetecsa's Head Office is based in the vibrant city of Barcelona


Ingetecsa developed several proprietary machine technologies. Also, we have the capability to engineer your entire drying and cooling process, upstream and downstream. On top of that, we deliver you the necessary hardware. Whether we only engineer, improve an existing process, or deliver tailor-made equipment, each step is always in close cooperation with you as our client. This, to ensure we respond to your specific needs and requirements.

To build our thermal equipment, we work with several trusted production partners. These are located around the world. These are all experts in manufacturing the robust, complex, and often bulky machinery we need. According to (y)our unique and stringent specifications.



Thermal drying and thermal cooling are the most energy consuming processes in the industry. Ingetecsa is always looking for energy savings and efficiency increase. Through the years, we have realised important efficiency gains, up to a 25% lower energy bill for many of our drying processes.

Ingetecsa cares for the environment. There is no planet B

Nice to meet you

Ingetecsa Board of Directors

Christian Hailer, Managing Director Ingetecsa Head Office


Managing Director

Christian took over the business from his father in 2010 as managing director. Since then the company is rapidly expanding its wings 
all over the globe. His vision, down to earth attitude, humour, and economical background make a great combination with 
the engineers.

Juan Hailer, Manager Process Engineering and R&D of Ingetecsa


Manager Process Engineering, R&D

Juan is with us from 1986. His vast practical and academical experience in combination with his deep rooted love for anything process related, make him the ultimate manager of our process engineering and of our R&D team. There isn’t a lot he hasn’t done or tested before.

José Fernández, Operations Manager of Ingetecsa


Operations Manager

José joined our company in 1997. He has worked his way up to become our Operations Manager. Our project managers and the engineering team report to him. He always manages it to create an environment in which every project becomes a success story.

Toine van de Pol, Director Ingetecsa Asia Pacific


Director Ingetecsa Asia Pacific

Toine started working for us as one of our sales reps for the Asia Pacific region. Once we saw his results, drive, and vision, we encouraged him to join us to setup a branch office and manage our business on the other side of the world. We haven’t regretted this a moment!


Sales Director Europe

Arthur has been in commerce all his working life. He started as a purchaser but soon found out that his love is in technical sales. And we couldn’t agree more! His technical commercial experience, practical mindset and professionalism, are a great asset for further growing our business.

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Ingetecsa’s world-wide presence is expanding with regional offices and a growing network of local representations. Our customers especially appreciate the close cooperation in which we search for the optimally customised drying or cooling process.


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