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Pilot units

Pilot units are available to test your products as well as for our own process developments. Our R&D test centre and laboratory is conveniently located close to Barcelona. In the R&D test centre we have a pool of modern pilot units.

Our team of test colleagues are not only thermal experts but also highly skilled test engineers when it comes to our pilot units. They know how to make your process work. They simulate and optimize your production process, and they determine the ideal configuration of your process settings.

Our test units are available for our clients to use at their own facilities. Our test engineer will set up the equipment and instruct how to use the equipment. This allows our clients to test and develop their products at their own pace and to produce market samples if needed. Or to run longer production batches.

In our test centre we can not test all products so very perishable, dangerous, or radio-active products we need to test at a location closer to the client. Our test units are easy to dismantle so we transport them worldwide to any location. By truck, by air freight or by sea container. Once on site, our test engineer will set up the test equipment and conduct the trials in close cooperation with the client.

Contact us if you like to know more how we can help you with testing your product at our test centre or at your location.

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