One of the applications in which Ingetecsa has built up a unique and in-depth experience over the years is Feed and Food Phosphates.

Within the fertilizer and phosphate industries, calcium phosphates fill a minor, but highly interesting niche. Although monocalcium phosphate (MCP), dicalcium phosphate (DCP), and tricalcium phosphate (TCP) offer attractive commercial margins, little attention is paid to these products. Furthermore, sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) still has a demand. And since it is no problem anymore to the wastewater, it may come to new splendor in the future.

Due to the low production numbers in the industry practical knowledge is rare, and real specialists are hard to find. Ingetecsa is such a specialist. During many hands-on process improvements we have built up a great deal of in-depth knowledge in the field of phosphates.

The challenges in the processing of feed phosphates lie mainly in solid matter processing. Reactors, mixers, granulators, and the control of backmixing have a major influence on the availability of the production process.

At Ingetecsa, we learned and demonstrated that good basic engineering and the specification of process conditions are crucial. The initial investment in correctly sized and designed heavy-duty equipment is quickly paid back, as OPEX is significantly reduced. Maintenance intervals in thoughtfully designed Ingetecsa plants are significantly extended to less than 2 times a year. Maintenance and spare part costs for 10 years of operation rarely exceed 3 to 5% of the yearly machine costs. That is good engineering!

If you’re interested in this technology, please get in touch. We’ll gladly invite you to extensively discuss your applications with our experienced process engineers.