Flash Dryer

The Flash Dryer works on the principle of instant drying during pneumatic conveying. Wet product is finely dispersed into the high-velocity air stream. This allows evaporation of the moisture in a couple of seconds only. The final product is a separated in a bag house filter or set of high efficiency cyclones.

Ambient air flows through an air intake filter and heat exchanger in to a vertically positioned flash pipe. The eccentric feeder disperses the product finely in the hot gas stream. Filter caked materials, flakes, pastes, slurries, fibres, gels and other materials of similar consistencies can all be treated easily and effectively. The Flash Dryer can handle sticky products too. The eccentric feeder is an important element of the Flash Dryer. The well-developed design disperses the product as fine particles evenly and accurately in the hot gas flow. This is important to eliminate scaling in the flash pipe or building up product in the feeding unit in order to avoid over-drying or burning of the product.

The fine particles travel together with the hot gas flow upstream. The extremely fast heating up of the product, as a result of the high heat transfer, makes the moisture – typically water – in the product to flash evaporate. The energy required for evaporation automatically cools the product, so evaporation avoids overheating of the product. The particles almost dry to specification in a matter of seconds. At the top of the flash pipe is the so called top bend.

The dried product flows to the high efficiency cyclones or bag filter house for separation of the product from the air. At the end of the drying line is an exhaust fan which pulls the hot air with the product through the entire system. The cleaned air exhausts to atmosphere or to an air treatment system.

Ingetecsa Flash Dryer with cyclones at Tate & Lyle Zaragoza, today Tereos


Top Bend

Most conventional flash dryers use half a circular bend to reverse the gas flow at the top of the flash pipe. The efficiency of these bends is generally negligible and only reroute the gas flow downwards. The Ingetecsa Top Bend is different. It is our own technology and we use it effectively to increase the impulse so as a result we can measure that this special design improves the thermal efficiency further.



Our Flash Dryers stand out for their process versatility, their excellent product treatment, low energy consumption, and minimal maintenance costs. We customise the design for every product and your individual process conditions. Our tailored feeding system optimises the dispersion of particles, the aerodynamics, and so the heat and mass transfer. The result is a measurably better quality of the end product and an improved energy efficiency.

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Contact us and let us talk about how your product can benefit from our flash dryers or if you want to conduct tests at our R&D test centre.

Ingetecsa's Flash Dryer, offering optimised particle dispersion, aerodynamics, and possibility to dry at very high temperature

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  • Lower energy consumption
  • Better quality of the finished product
  • Ideal for very fine particles


  • Fine or powdery bulk products and fibres
  • Processes with variations in moisture or feed
  • Products that can be exposed to high hot air temperatures


  • Minerals
  • Chemicals
  • Food