Spiral Flash Dryer

The Spiral Flash Dryer is a unique technology. It combines the advantages of flash drying and fluidised bed drying. The superior product quality and lower energy use are most appreciated.

The Spiral Flash Dryer has in the bottom section of the product chamber a static blade ring. The hot drying air is blown though the blade ring. This creates an extremely turbulent spiral flow pattern upwards to the top of the drying chamber. Feeding of the wet product is in the bottom of the dryer, right in the turbulent air zone. While spiraling upwards in the hot air stream, particles dry in a matter of a few seconds to the required end specification.

Filter caked materials, flakes, pastels, slurries, fibres, gels and other materials of similar consistencies can all be treated easily and effectively. The Spiral Flash technology can even handle sticky products.


Unique advantages

Unlike in any other flash dryer, the evaporation rate in the Spiral Flash Dryer is constantly high across the entire drying phase. This unique aspect results in a lower product temperature, and because of that a lower heat requirement. When heated with steam we can even achieve reductions in steam use of up to 28% guaranteed!

The static drying chamber has no moving parts, nor dead zones where particles or bacteria can hold up. The simple, yet superb principle maximizes uptime, and reduces maintenance to a minimum. Furthermore, the static product environment ensures highest safety conditions and excellent hygiene. The spiral flow pattern makes the dryer so compact that with its own legs, installation is quick and entirely indoors. The Spiral Flash Dryer is probably the best available technology for high-speed drying.

Because the Spiral Flash technology is the only flash technology in the market that has no moving parts in the product drying or cooling zone, it is the safest, most reliable as well as most hygienic solution.

Spiral Flash technology can be used for drying as well as for cooling.


Contact us and let us demonstrate how these advantages will make the difference for you and your products.

Ingetecsa's Spiral Flash Dryer. A unique technology with no moving parts in the drying zone, superb reliability, very high product quality quick installation

Static Spiral Flash Technology for drying and for cooling

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  • Superior product quality
  • Unparalleled availability, no unexpected downtime
  • Lowest total cost of ownership


  • Temperature-sensitive products
  • Products with a wider range of particle sizes
  • Processes that require high energy efficiency, maximum availability and reliability


  • Food & Feed
  • Minerals
  • Chemicals