Spiral Flash Cooler

The Spiral Flash Cooler is a unique technology. It combines the advantages of flash cooling and fluidised bed cooling. The combination of the very quick cooling with the transport capability are most appreciated.

The Spiral Flash Cooler has in the bottom section of the product chamber a static blade ring. The cooling air is blown through the blade ring. This creates an extremely turbulent spiral flow pattern upwards to the top of the product chamber. Feeding of the hot product is in the bottom of the product chamber, right in the turbulent air zone. While spiralling upwards in the cold air stream, particles cool in a matter of a few seconds to the required end specification. Flakes, powders and other materials of similar consistencies can all be treated easily and effectively. Unlike in any other flash cooler, the heat transfer rate in the Spiral Flash Cooler is high across the entire product chamber. This results in a quick cooling of the product and reduces the required cooling power. The Spiral Flash Cooler is probably the best available technology for high-speed flash cooling.



The Spiral Flash technology combines cooling with transporting. Transport lengths of 200 meters are no problem in total vertically as well as horizontally, similar to a pneumatic transport. Flash cooling while transporting the product to the top of a product hopper / silo is a popular combination.

The Spiral Flash Cooler is able to cool larger particles than a standard flash cooler can. On top of that, it can handle a greater distribution of particle sizes. As the animation nicely visualises, larger, heavier particles automatically tumble down in the product chamber. These particles are too heavy to blow out of the top of the product chamber. An (automatic) bottom discharge unit takes out foreign particles, off-spec particles and large particles that otherwise would remain in the cooler.

The static product chamber has no moving parts, nor dead zones where particles or bacteria can hold up. The simple, yet superb principle maximizes availability, and reduces maintenance to a minimum. It ensures highest safety conditions and excellent hygiene. The spiral flow pattern makes the cooler so compact that with its own legs, installation is quick and entirely indoors.

Ingetecsa employs the Spiral Flash technology for cooling as well as for drying. Because the Spiral Flash Cooler has no moving parts in the product chamber, it is the safest and most reliable solution.


Other air cooling technologies

The Fluidised Bed Cooler is ideal for gentle, slow paced cooling of the granule. Also crystallisation processes to the core of the particles are common in a fluid bed. These processes normally require a longer processing time. For the fluidised bed technology, particles require to be relatively uniform in dimension.

The conventional Flash Cooler is probably the best choice when the product is very fine. The Flash Cooler is ideal for transporting product at the same time.


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Spiral Flash Cooler, instant cooling and transporting product at the same time



  • Instant cooling
  • Transport capability
  • Static technology, unparalleled availability, no unexpected downtime


  • Products with a wider range of particle sizes
  • Replaces combinations of product coolers and separate bulk elevators
  • Processes that require high energy efficiency, maximum availability and reliability


  • Chemicals
  • Minerals
  • Food & Feed