Flash Cooler

The Flash Cooler cools powders and fine granules while transporting it at the same time. In a matter of seconds, the product is cooled and transported pneumatically to a hopper or to a packing line. The Flash Cooler is a very effective solution to combine two process steps.

Hot product drops in the flash pipe. An optional eccentric feeder breaks up any lumps that come with the product. High speed cooling air – normally ambient air – picks up the product and disperses it in the flash pipe. While traveling upwards with the cooling air, product particles cool in a matter of a few seconds to a few degrees Celsius above the ambient temperature. This rapid cooling retains the functionality of the product. Halfway the cooling stage is the Ingetecsa Top Bend, a special duct element to increase cooling efficiency. Conveying distances can be from a few meters only to 200 meters horizontally and vertically, similar to a pneumatic transport. At the end of the cooling stage is a group of cyclones or a bag house filter to separate the fine particles from the air.

Ingetecsa's Spiral Flash technology


Top Bend

Most classic flash coolers use half a circular bend to reverse the gas flow at the top of the flash pipe. The efficiency of these bends is generally negligible and are only used to reroute the gas flow downwards. The Ingetecsa Top Bend is different. It is our own technology and we use it effectively to increase the impulse so as a result we can measure that this special design improves the thermal efficiency further.



The flash pipe itself has no moving parts, nor any dead zones where particles or bacteria can hold up. Like a pneumatic conveying system, the routing of the flash pipe is virtually without limitation.

The Ingetecsa Flash Cooler stands out for its easy process integration, the excellent product treatment, and the minimal operation and maintenance costs. We customize the design for your product as well as your process conditions. Our tailored feeding system optimizes the dispersion of particles, the aerodynamics, and thus the heat and mass transfer. The result is a measurably better quality of the end product and an improved energy efficiency.


Other air cooling technologies

 The Fluidised Bed Cooler is ideal for gentle, slow paced cooling of the granule. Also crystallisation processes to the core of the particles are common in a fluid bed. These processes normally require a longer processing time. For the fluidised bed technology, particles should be relatively uniform in dimension.

When the particle size distribution (PSD) is wider or coarser, the Spiral Flash Cooler is likely the better choice. It is a combination of a fluidised bed and a flash cooler. The Spiral Flash Cooler is also static technology. It is better suitable for products that consist of a range of smaller and larger particles.


Contact us and let us discuss what cooling technology works best for your application.

Ingetecsa's Flash Dryer, offering optimised particle dispersion, aerodynamics, and possibility to dry at very high temperature


  • Instant cooling and transport
  • No need for separate transport technologies
  • Easy to integrate in the process


  • Fine or powdery bulk products
  • Products with lumps
  • Heat-sensitive products that require careful thermal treatment


  • Food
  • Minerals
  • Chemicals