Mixer / Granulator

The mixer granulator is a versatile unit. It can be used as a reactor, a heater and a cooler as well. All in the same machine if needed. The machine is designed for long, non-stop production runs under very demanding operating conditions. This unit is at its best when reliability is crucial.

The feed product drops through the inlet flange on the cover of the mixer granulator. Two counter-rotating paddle shafts mix/granulate the product in an ω-shaped trough. The shape of the trough eliminates dead corners where product can hold up. After a “one step through process”, the final product comes out of the unit at the bottom opening on the opposite side. The excellent plug flow characteristic ensures a narrow distribution of product hold-up. This means that most particles have a more or less similar residence time in the unit. This is most important for accurate mixing, granulation, and reaction processes. It ensures a highly uniform final product.

This robust and easy-to-maintain machine is able to process flows from 5 m³/h up to 200 m³/h. The heating of the jacket, the shaft(s) and the cover is optional and ensures a homogeneous temperature profile across the machine without hot spots. And we can offer the accurate spraying system for the reagent for reaction or granulation purposes. A dedicated port on the cover evacuates the vapours that escape from the process.

Ingetecsa’s mixer granulator is designed to operate during long, uninterrupted production cycles under very demanding operating conditions.

Large hatches give total access to the product side for inspection and cleaning. The motor drive, bearings and shaft seals are all outside the production environment.



The Ingetecsa mixer granulator can continuously mix and/or granulate solids with other solids, with liquids or with a slurry. It is suitable for impregnation and granulation to sizes generally between 1.5 and 4 mm, depending on the chosen geometry and speed. Each application will have its own combination of design configuration, for example the paddle angles, the construction materials and the paddle types and wear knifes. Some products may be mildly corrosive only while other mixtures are extremely erosive. We have the experience to make the best fit for your application. Should there be anything we haven’t seen before, we can use our test centre for further guidance on the optimum configuration.

Contact us if you like to know how we can assist you selecting the best configuration for your application.


Download the brochure for application examples and more details.


  • Designed to operate under very demanding conditions
  • Suitable for sticky products and high torque demanding processes
  • Stretched maintenance intervals and full access inside


  • Bulk flow products
  • Processes that require maximum availability and reliability


  • Chemicals
  • Minerals
  • Food