The drying and cooling of sugar is one of the special applications where Ingetecsa has a sound reputation. References go back to early last century when we supplied the first beet pulp dryers. Not much later we installed the first crystal sugar drums. All these years of experience have resulted in becoming the flexible partner that comes up with solutions and suggestions to your questions.

The drying and cooling stages of the sugar crystals come after the extraction, refining and purification of the sugar juice, and crystallizing and centrifuging. Both drying and cooling stages are key process steps that determine the required appearance, functionality and flowability of the final sugar crystal.

Crucial points of attention are the prevention of water occlusion in the crystal, the creation of the crystal brilliance and its shiny look. On top, crystals need to be treated carefully in order not to damage the edges  by mechanical impact. In fact, the thermal drying and final cooling are the end of the crystallization phase.

Over the years, rotary drums have played a successful role in this drying and cooling process. However, with the requirements for the final crystal getting stricter, rotary drums as the sole technology turned out to be less suitable. During cooling, crystals get easily damaged too much in the drum. Ingetecsa, in close cooperation with sugar manufacturers, has demonstrated that the optimum process equipment arrangement is a combination of a rotary drum and static fluidised bed technology resulting in a sugar crystal that meets the strictest requirements.

At Ingetecsa, we believe that it is often possible to reuse existing equipment. We have a solid track record in reusing existing equipment. Most likely we can convert your rotary drum dryer and add a static fluidised bed cooler. The static fluidised bed cooler ensures that post drying and cooling occur under minimum mechanical impact.

Based on pilot work, references, and know-how, Ingetecsa helps you to manufacture a top end quality product in a cost-effective way and against higher availability. Fully covered by extensive guarantees. If you are interested how we can help you, please get in touch with us. Our experienced process team looks forward to discussing your needs.