Starch applications

Ingetecsa has a vast experience in starch applications. Whether it concerns native starches, modified starches or dextrins, whether you process wheat, maize, tapioca, soy, pea or potato, we have most probably dealt with your type of question before.

By-products such as gluten, corn gluten meal, bran, germ, and fibre are products we dry regularly. Our technology has advantages to offer in terms of energy use, hygiene and maintenance.

Native starches, modified starches and dextrins

We supplied flash dryers and coolers, spiral flash dryers, fluidized beds, drum dryers and paddle dryers for multiple drying, cooling, modification or dextrinization processes in starch plants around the world. Many of our technologies have been altered specifically for this purpose, to offer the best possible performance.

In terms of energy, Ingetecsa’s technologies offer interesting benefits compared to more conventional technologies. In many starch drying processes, as well as disintegration processes such as gluten drying, we were able to reduce the enormous amounts of energies used.

For example, our Spiral Flash Dryer: This very efficient direct dryer offers an interesting and compact alternative for conventional ring dryers. In combination with the newly developed disintegrator, electrical energy consumptions are reduced to less than 60% of the conventional numbers.

We have experience with starch reclaimed from waste or process water. Our references proof that starch dried in our Spiral Flash Dryer is not distinguishable from traditionally processed starch.

You can also turn to us for plant upgrades. Over the years we have revamped several plants, leading to higher performances and lower energy bills.

Don’t hesitate to call us for more details.