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A great number of chemical processes require at some stage a drying, cooling, mixing or a reaction step. Ingetecsa can supply the equipment needed for this and for some processes even the entire basic and detail engineering.

The range of chemical products we can and have processed in our machines is impressive: From Asparin to HDPE, from PVC to catalysts, from Melamine to sodium sulphate to pesticides. The feed stock can be anything from a liquid, to a sticky glue to a sub-micron powder.

All equipment of INGETECSA normally operate under a light under pressure. Dust emissions are kept to an absolute minimum by using very high efficiency cyclones, bag house filters and water/gas scrubbers. All machinery is designed to work continuously. Some of our units/processes can be easily operated batch wise too. Where needed is our equipment explosion proof. Accessibility and reliability are one of our key design factors.


Cooling processes

Ingetecsa has a cooling technology for every application.


Products that are free flowing and very fine:

These are best processed in the standard flash cooler.

  Particle sizes up to some 2 mm
  Quick cooling (2-3 seconds) and transporting
  Transport horizontally and vertically up to 200m is possible
  Sticky products are no problem. The feed is finely dispersed with the aid of the eccentric feeder. This is an efficient high speed rotating wheel that feeds the product in the cool air stream.

Ingetecsa's Flash Dryer, offering optimised particle dispersion, aerodynamics, and possibility to dry at very high temperature



Products that are free flowing and coarser:

These are best processed in the Spiral Flash Cooler.

  Particle sizes up to some 5-6 mm, spread in dimensions
  Longer cooling times (5-10 seconds)
  Transport horizontally and vertically up to 200m is possible
  Static technology

Ingetecsa's static Spiral Flash technology



Products that are free flowing, uniform and brittle:

These are best processed in the Fluid Bed Cooler.

  Very gentle processing
  Longer cooling times (several to many minutes)
  Static technology

Examples are HDPE, NPK, salt, urea, polyesther, ammonium sulphate (AmSul).

Ingetecsa's static Fluidised Bed technology, very gentle product treatment, superior product quality, high reliability and uptime



Products that are free flowing, and >5 mm

These can be processed in the Rotary Drum Cooler.

The Rotary Drum Cooler is suitable for processes that have either very high flows or too great a range of particle sizes that can not be processed in other technologies. Fine particles are less suitable to process in this technology as these are blown out of the unit. Indirectly cooled Rotary Drum Coolers avoid this but are less efficient due to their low specific heat exchange surface.

  Longer cooling times (many minutes up to one hour)
  Robust technology
  Deals well with large variances in feed stock

Examples are aggregates, biomass, bio solids, chips, manure, shavings, sludge.

Ingetecsa's Rotary Drum Dryer used for a variety of different products



Products that are <3 mm and toxic or pasty or gluey

These can be best processed in the Paddle Cooler.

  Very suitable for gluey, sticky materials
  Longer cooling times (many minutes up to one hour)
  Indirect cooling, ideal for dangerous or sensitive products

Examples are granules, viscous products

Andritz Gouda paddle dryer / cooler



Products that are very hot

The Multi Chamber Cooler is like no other technology capable of cooling very hot, irregularly shaped products. Many references are for product temperatures greater than 800°C.

  Very robust and highly reliable equipment
  Deals well with hick-ups upstream
  Suitable for erosive and abrasive products

Typical products are foundry salts, zinc oxide, caustic soda, sodium chloride, potassium carbonate.

Ingetecsa's Multi Chamber Cooler, when robustness and reliability are most important




The Andritz-Gouda drum flaker has a unique place in this program. A drum flaker is used to solidify molten products. Solidification of chemicals is normally for storage and transport. Most of the times these are intermediate products that require further processing at other facilities.

Fatty acids are likely the most well known products that are solidified in the industry, but the range is basically endless. Stearic acid, sulphur, urea, soap, resin, maleic and phtalic anhydride, lactate, polyethylene glycols, are just a few of the products that are solidified on a drum flaker.

The different models of the drum flaker cater for the wide range of product viscosities, adhesion, and crystallization characteristics.

Flakes produced on the Andritz-Gouda drum flaker