Plate Dryer

The plate dryer processes free flowing products very gently. The plate dryer is very suitable for brittle and for solvent containing products. Controlling the residence time of the product in the machine is easy.

The wet product enters the drying room through the cover. The product flows continuously through the vertical dryer. Rotating arms with plows spread the product in a spiral pattern across the heated surface of the plate. The plows conveying the product towards the outer rim of the small-diameter top plate. From here it falls over the edge onto the second, larger plate directly below. On this plate, the plows move the product in the opposite direction towards the central opening through which it cascades onto the next, again smaller plate. It is then conveyed once more towards the outer rim. The dried product falls from the last plate onto the bottom surface of the housing from where plows convey it to the discharge port.

Moisture evaporates from the product during transport through the dryer. A small amount of carrier purge gas or air (in atmospheric and gas-tight plate dryers) transports the moisture out of the dryer, at the top of the encasing.

The product transport system consists of a central upright shaft with horizontal arms and plows. Heating of the plates is from the underside with for instance hot water, thermal oil or steam. On every plate level, there are two to eight arms on the shaft. These arms have free-moving plows that gently rest on top of the plate surface. Different plow lengths and different plow arrangements are available to optimally transport the product. A motor drive under the casing controls the plow speed, so outside the product environment.

The plate dryer can process a range of different products such as solvent containing products, toxic products as well as temperature sensitive products requiring vacuum.

Andritz Gouda plate dryer

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Andritz Gouda plate dryer

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