Multi Chamber Cooler

The Multi Chamber Cooler is a superior cooling technology which has proven itself over the decades. A technology extremely robust and reliable, capable of handling high throughput at very high temperature. Even with great variance in feedstock. It is in its element when it is getting tough or when reliability is crucial.

Basically, the Multi Chamber Cooler is a rotary drum. Inside the drum are pie-shaped product chambers where hot product travels through. The hot product enters the product chambers at the product feed inlet side. Internal guiding plates in each segment transport the product to the opposite end from where it discharges the machine at the bottom. Cooling water circulates around the product chambers and cools the entire outer shell. This makes insulation of the shell nonessential. Intimate contact of the product with the water cooled surfaces ensures an efficient cooling of the product. The closed cooling system prevents cross-contamination between the product and the cooling water.

The Ingetecsa Multi Chamber Cooler, a cooler that excels under very demanding operating conditions



Unlike any other technology, without the risk of steel cracking, the cooler is able to handle very high product temperatures of over 900°C down to 50°C in a single process step. This makes the cooler ideal for products coming straight out of a calcination process.

The slow drum speed and the way how the product travels freely through the product chambers permit the processing of erosive products also. Furthermore, the design and the slow rotational speed ensure gently product treatment, a minimum abrasion, low material stresses, and the lack of dust formation. The Multi Chamber Cooler enables purging of an inert gas such as nitrogen to preserve the product quality where needed. We guarantee an end product with constant quality.

Robust, versatile, extremely reliable and always available. Providing a true all year-round non-stop production. Moreover, the cooler permits stretching of maintenance intervals to coincide with plant servicing intervals.

Our Multi Chamber Cooler has proven to deliver when and where needed most.

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Ingetecsa's Multi Chamber Cooler, when robustness and reliability are most important

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  • Very high availability
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Proven technology


  • Products straight from a calciner
  • Erosive and corrosive products
  • Processes that require maximum availability and reliability


  • Minerals
  • Metals
  • Chemicals