Helix Dryer

The helix dryer dries products at low temperatures. The helix dryer can deal with a whole range of products. From liquids to powders, and from gels to friable products. Unlike the paddle dryer, the helix dryer is a batch operated technology.

This unit uses a central, top-driven helical mixer in a conical vessel. This design ensures a smooth mixing of the product. The heated vessel wall heats up the product. Water, thermal oil or steam are the typical heating media. This depends on the product and what is available on site. The central helical mixer uniformly agitates the product while transferring heat. The helix dryer dries the product to a powder. It then discharges it through the central bottom outlet, leaving minimum product residue behind. When processing hygienic products, an optional Cleaning in Place (CIP) system sprays and purges the product contact parts after each production cycle. The concept of the dryer is around processing at low/gentle drying temperatures. And under vacuum for instance for heat sensitive products.

The compact shape of the dryer fits easily into limited room height. The wide range of models starts from 4 litre laboratory units. The largest industrial unit hold 12 m³ of product. Up to 200 litre dryers, the customer can choose from a stationary or from a mobile configuration. Mobile units offer a greater flexibility, and efficiency in production also. Furthermore, mobile units can have a hinged cover for easy access to the process chamber and 100% inspection of all product wetted parts.

Andritz Gouda helix dryer in open position

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Andritz Gouda helix dryer

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