Ingetecsa has special designs adapted to the drying and cooling requirements of this industry, specifically their multi-chamber cooler designed to process sub-products such as foundry sand, mineral salts or calcined metals such as zinc ore. The belt dryers or Spiral Flash Dryers are used to treat flotation concentrates, oxides and metal powders.


Ingetecsa’s apparatus are particularly robust and adapted to the harsh working conditions that this industry requires. Andritz-Gouda's paddle dryer is also used to process certain powders and metal salts.

Typical applications of our equipment:


- Zinc Calcine cooling using the Multi Chamber Cooler

- Foundry sands cooling using the Multi Chamber Cooler

- Cooling foundry sands using a Fluidized Bed

- Sodium sulphate using a Spiral Flash Dryer

- Nickel powder drying using a Paddle Dryer

- Zinc Hydroxide drying using a Belt Dryer


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