Ingetecsa has manufactured most of the drying and cooling equipment for the Spanish sugar industry. Usually, we divide the process into two different stages (drying and cooling / maturation) in order to support the maturation of the crystal and to obtain a uniform, bright and dust-free product. During the drying phase, the temperature must be high enough to support evaporation, but low enough to allow the soft maturation of the crystals, without water occlusion and this to 0.1% residual moisture.


In the cooling stage, the final crystallization step takes place, reducing the humidity to 0.03 and 0.05%.  It is during this process that a uniform, crystalline, smooth and dust-free surface is obtained, involving precision cooling which makes the difference between a glossy and an opaque sugar. Ingetecsa also produces equipment to process other sub-products of the industry, such as sugar beet pulp.

Typical applications of our equipment:


- Sugar drying using Rotary Drum Dryer

- Sugar cooling using Fluidized Bed Cooler or Rotary Drum Cooler

- Combination of a sugar Rotary Drum Dryer and Fluidized Bed Cooler

- Drying and cooling done in a Combined Sugar Rotary Drum Dryer/Cooler (Combi Rotary Drum)


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