Pulp and fibers

One of the main activities of INGETECSA during the last decades has been the drying of beet pulp in sugar refineries. Developing both high and low temperature equipment, INGETECSA has been a leader amongst those involved in reducing environmental impact and increasing efficiency and quality in the assessment of waste.


We have improved the characteristics of reconstitution, and reduced energy consumption as well as the cost of ownership significantly, even in existing plants. Due to this valuable experience, Ingetecsa has developed specific designs for drying, cooling, transporting, dispensing and mixing of pulp and other vegetable fibers.

Typical applications of our equipment:

- Beet pulp drying using Rotary Drums

- Drying and cooling of gluten feed using Rotary Drum Dryers and Fluidized Bed Cooler

- Metering silo to transform irregular flows of beet pulp into a continuous steady flow.

- Fruit pulp drying using Rotary Drum Dryer or Paddle Dryer


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