Products derived from corn, wheat, rice, soybeans and cereals

Ingetecsa has a wide range of equipment for drying, cooling, mixing, conveying and collecting dust for the maize and cereals industries and their derivatives. Our equipment is designed to treat the products as carefully as possible, and are used to process gluten, fiber, germ or flours. Ingetecsa has a broad experience in this field, added to the one acquired in the field of starches, both from Royal GMF-Gouda and Ingetecsa itself.


Typical applications of our equipment:


- Gluten drying using Flash Dryer

- Corn germ drying using Tube Bundle Dryer

- Flour Drying using Flash Dryer, Spiral Flash Dryer or Tube Bundle Dryer

- Fibers cooling using Fluidized Bed Cooler


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