Potatoes, vegetables and fruits

Royal GMF-Gouda is a specialist in the processes of drying, peeling, granulating and flaking of potatoes and vegetables. For this purpose, GMF-Gouda builds specific equipment such as steam peelers, Brush ‘n Belts, drum flakers and mill sifters. In addition, Royal GMF-Gouda supplies complete processing plants for potatoes. Ingetecsa also proposes different equipment for drying, cooling and processing vegetables, fruits and their derivatives.

Typical applications of our equipment:


- Potato peeling using Royal GMF-Gouda's Steam Peeler combined with a Brush-‘n-Belt

- Potato flakes production using Royal GMF-Gouda's Drum Dryer

- Potato granules drying using a Spiral Flash Dryer

- Vegetables drying using a Belt Dryer


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