Our equipment has shown high efficiency and reliability in all kinds of applications within petrochemical and polymer production. This includes the drying, maturing and cooling of polyethylene, PVC, nylon, caprolactam, polypropylene or solvents recovery.

Typical applications of our equipment:

- Polyetilene drying with Ingetecsa Flash Dryer, drying and cooling using Fluid Bed and maturation in Paddle Dryer

- Polypropylene drying with Flash Dryer,  drying and maturating using Paddle Dryer and drying and cooling with Fluid Bed

- Polycarbonate drying using Fluid Bed Dryer or Paddle Dryer. Prepolymer solidification using Royal GMF-Gouda's Drum Flaker

- Caprolactam solidification with Royal GMF-Gouda's Drum Flaker and cooling using Ingetecsa's Fluid Bed Cooler

- Polyester drying using Fluidized Bed or Paddle Dryer

- Polyestyrene drying using Fluidized Bed or Paddle Dryer

- PTFE drying using Ingetecsa's Belt Dryer

- PVC drying and cooling with Ingetecsa's expanded Fluidized Bed. PVC Solidification using Drum Flaker


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