Basic and intermediate chemistry

This has been our main area of activity for the past 40 years. Ingetecsa’s equipment is widely used in this industry for drying and cooling all kinds of products. Our machines are used, among other applications, to cool caustic soda, dry calcium carbonate, cool potassium carbonate, solidify wax, dry and cool TCCA, solidify aluminium sulphate, dry catalysts, dry TPP, dry and react super absorbents, etc ...

Typical applications of our equipment:

- Caustic soda cooling using our Multichamber Cooler

- Calcium carbonate drying and cooling using a combination of Flash Dryer and Cooling Screw Conveyor

- Potassium carbonate cooling using Ingetecsa's Multichamber Cooler

- TCCA drying and cooling with Flash Dryer and Multichamber Cooler

- Ceramic catalysts drying and cooling combining Ingetecsa's Blet Dryer and Multichamber Cooler

- Super absorbents reacting and drying with Belt Dryer or Paddle Dryer

- Aluminium sulphate solidification using a Royal GMF-Gouda Drum Flaker


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