Double Shaft Paddle Mixer/Granulator

Double Shaft Paddle Mixer/Granulator

Ingetecsa's Double shaft paddle mixer/granulator is used for continuous mixing or granulating of solids with solids, liquids and pastes. Suitable for impregnation and granulation, generally producing spheres between 1.5 and 4 mm diameter, depending on the chosen set-up and speed. The shaft paddle geometry, angles, fabrication material, types of wear knives, shaft seals, etc. can be adapted to the requirements of each application. Standard capacities from 5 to 200 m3 / h.

Operation: Two counter-rotating paddle shafts in an ω-shaped trough shear-mix or granulate the product.

Process: Mix and/or granulate.
Applications: Mixing of products with different behaviors and particle sizes, specially if they are difficult-to-handle. Mixing of solids or powders with liquids, backmix of dry product with pastes or sludge, impregnation, etc.

Advantages: Robust machine, wear parts are easy and fast to exchange, execution can be adapted to many processes and products.

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