The Ingetecsa Flash Dryers and Coolers stand out for their excellent product treatment, low energy consumption, and minimal operation and maintenance costs. Our Flash Dryers/Coolers are adapted to each process and different product properties. In addition, Ingetecsa has engineered distinguishing constructive components, such as a centrifuge feeder, as well as a particularly refined aerodynamic design. This arrangement ensures an outstanding dispersion of the product with relatively low pressure drops, minimizing energy consumption. Heat and mass transfer between solids and hot gases is extremely rapid.

Processes: Drying, roasting or calcining. It may also be used as a cooler, and as a pneumatic transport.
Applications: Mainly fine or powdery crystals , not overly sticky bulk products, also suitable for fibers and sludge.

Advantages: Careful treatment of the product, high evaporation speed, small footprint requirement.

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