At Ingetecsa, we have been designing and building machinery since 1967. Throughout the years, we have focused on providing solutions for thermal processes in industry, especially, the processes of drying and cooling.


Our company began in the sixties under the leadership of the German engineer Friedrich Gerhard Hailer as Schilde Iberica, SA, a subsidiary of the German company Schilde AG which was already an engineering company specialized in the design and construction of industrial drying machinery.


During the next decade, Schilde AG merged with the drying and cooling company Büttner & Haas, becoming the Spanish subsidiary of BSH (Büttner - Schilde - Haas) SA. BSH was later absorbed by Deutsche Babcock and was renamed to Deutsche Babcock BSH. Operating under this acronym, its staff consisted mainly of German and Spanish engineers.


In 1982, the Deutsche Babcock Group sold its Spanish subsidiary to the technical team that was managing the company, which became the partner of reference for the new enterprise. Thereafter, Ingetecsa became a licensee of BSH.


When in 1990 BSH decided to increasingly focus on special devices, INGETECSA was determined to continue certain business lines, taking on the research and development efforts and selling them under its own brand. Ingetecsa also began to operate out of Spain, starting the process of internationalization of the company.


In July 2002, Deutsche Babcock collapsed and Ingetecsa decided to continue its activity as a completely independent company, reaching representation agreements with the Dutch company GMF-GOUDA, world leader in contact drying. Through this partnership, Ingetecsa is able to offer a wider range of solutions, crucially backed by constant investment in R & D.

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