At Ingetecsa, we are experts in drying and cooling industrial products. We have 45 years of experience in designing, producing and installing dryers and coolers for the food, chemical, mining, metallurgical and shortage industries.


Our equipment is always custom-made in order to optimize adaptation to the product and the process of the client. In this way, we are able to ensure product quality, reduce energy consumption, reduce maintenance and cleaning expenses and ensure the durability of the machinery.


In order to provide a broader range of solutions, we represent the Dutch company Andritz-Gouda, world leader in contact dryers. Together with our former owner and representative, the German multinational Babcock BSH, we are backed up by more than 100 years in the industry.


At Ingetecsa, we design and manufacture special equipment for solids handling and thermal treatment.


Our aim is to provide solutions to particularly complex products or processes for which standard equipment is not suitable.


Among our devices which excel:  the self-cleaning rotary valves, the double shaft paddle granulators and mixers, the screw conveyors or the lumpbreakers. The engineering department at Ingetecsa adapts all equipment to the requirements of the product and the process of each client, achieving customized solutions for each case. Moreover, our company represents GMF-Gouda which also produces special devices such as steam peelers, jet cookers and mill sifters


At Ingetecsa, we have developed high-efficiency de-dusting equipment.


And as an essential element for the proper functioning of convective dryers, our engineering department has, in recent years, concentrated its efforts on improving their designs and has achieved outstanding results.


Ingetecsa cyclones are capable of capturing particles of a very fine size which usually require more complex and expensive equipment for their treatment. Venturi washers are designed to wash gases in industrial applications in harsh conditions, and are characterized by robustness and easy maintenance.


Ingetecsa’s vocation is to help our customers by sharing with them the know-how we have accumulated over more than 45 years in the field of drying, cooling and other industrial thermal processes.


In this way, we support our customers in improving the quality of their final product, reducing their energy consumption, increasing the performance of existing equipment or developing feasibility studies and assisting in the formulation of investment projects.

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